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Governance and Board Protocols

The showcase event was held on 29 November and explored the programme in more detail. Max Franchitto, the creator of the masterclass, answered questions from the audience and explained why he felt it important to create this programme and why it is different from others.

Our most recently endorsed course is comprised of 5 Masterclass sessions which are available globally via Zoom. The course has a maximum of 10 attendees per cohort so as to ensure even interaction and learning contribution by all involved. In between each calendar session readings are assigned which take approximately 2 hours to complete. Successful participants are issued with a Good Governance Academy Certificate of Completion as well as a Certificate from the training provider – Build Your Board.

Showcase events are free online events to allow attendees to better understand the training which will be provided. If you have a training course or certification which is globally applicable and would like to have it endorsed by the Good Governance Academy and discussed at a Showcase event, please get in touch.

Endorsed training

All these courses have been endorsed by the Good Governance Academy. They are available online and are globally applicable (not country specific). Some courses can be tailored for private audiences. Courses are available for purchase using the links provided. If you would like to recommend a course, whether free or for purchase, please let us know.

Behind closed doors: The Boardroom

This course is led by Simon Laffin, a board veteran of over 30 years, with real life knowledge of all boardroom situations. It is aimed at serving new executive and non-executive directors, aspiring directors and those who want to understand more about how boards work. Simon is independent, and not part of any corporate machine, so he tells how things really are. His course builds on his book, providing additional content, and enabling participants to have exchanges of views, experiences and information with peers and Simon himself.

Corporate governance and the law

This course is unique as it provides the legal position, linking it to various soft law initiatives to ensure that the law is adhered to.  During the training, various corporate governance topics are dealt with, from a legal perspective and within a regulatory environment, based on hard law as well as soft law approaches. Training  can be tailored for various audiences including senior management, middle management, company secretaries, compliance officers and legal advisors

21st Century Director Mentoring Programme

This individual bespoke mentoring programme will help you becoming a compelling candidate to be invited to serve on Board of Directors. It will equip you to not only survive but flourish in a most demanding and challenging, but highly rewarding, environment. The mentoring programme is designed in such a way that it is of high value and provides personal growth, to both aspiring Directors and Directors who are already experienced but need to update themselves to the latest Good Governance practices.

ISO 37000 Foundations Certification

The International Standard, ISO 37000, provides guidance for the governance of organizations (also known as “corporate governance” and a common language for all sizes and types of organizations across jurisdictions. This internationally accredited course provides a foundational understanding of the ISO 37000 standard. The course was created by experts involved in the standard’s development. 

ISO 37000:2021, Governance of organizations — Guidance. Geneva, Switzerland : ISO.

Characteristics of High Performing Boards
The latest trends

The pandemic, technology, greater focus on ESG, the rise of Nextgen boards and a range of social and other forces are changing Board practice and behavior in a number of ways. Especially in relation to decision making. Some of these changes were covered in a recent stimulating interview with Patrick Dunne, experienced Chair and author of the award-winning book “Boards” by Milton NkosiThe Good Governance Academy has secured Patrick for a limited number of sessions for individual boards to explore how these themes might affect their Boards and organisations.

ESG Competent Boards
Certificate & Designation Program

A professional development opportunity for board members, executives, investors, and their advisors to identify and act upon the most material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects of their businesses. Learn with an international network of peers discussing real cases and dilemmas. Receive insight from over 100 globally renowned leaders, recommended readings, tools, emerging best practices, case studies, and questions that will help you create value, resiliency, and enhance good governance that reflects the latest in public discussion.

The Healthy Company

The Healthy Company is a handbook for directors and executives – and those on their way to getting there. Leading a company today means managing the uses of its resources and relationships and how it deals with the resulting effects over time as these effects will come back to impact the company, negatively or positively, in the future. Leigh Roberts, co-author of the 2021 publication, presents an overview of the key messages in the book, providing background context and further in-depth insights.

Climate Competent Boards
Certificate & Designation Program

A unique professional development opportunity for board members, management executives, and their advisors to identify and act upon the most material climate risks and successfully transition businesses models for maximum benefit. Learn with an international network of peers discussing real cases and dilemmas. Receive insight from dozens of globally renowned leaders, recommended readings, tools, emerging best practices, case studies, and questions that
will help you create value, resiliency, and enhance good
governance that reflects the latest in public discussion.

The Integrated Report

Integrated reporting is a process founded on integrated thinking. The process results in a periodic integrated report which is produced by an organization. The integrated report provides to stakeholders information about the organization’s value creation over time and related communications regarding aspects of the organization’s value creation. preservation and erosion. This course is aimed at directors, trustees and all other types of governing body members, executives, corporate report preparers, integrated reporting teams as well as risk, compliance, audit and oter associated assurance providers.

Wits Business School, 2 St Davids Pl, St Andrew Rd, Parktown, 

Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa

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Max Franchitto

BA,MBA, Grad.Dip.Legal St., PC.Arb.

Max Franchitto is the Founder and Managing Principal of MGF Consulting Group (est. 1999). Prior to establishing MGFCG, Max gained his experience (18+ years in executive management) with significant achievements in the financial services industry.

Max consults to a wide variety of industry sectors based on his experience in Business performance improvement, Competitive Strategy, Corporate Governance and Mergers and Acquisitions, his clients inevitably come back given his work ethic and dedication to the tasks he performs and the quality of his services.


Max through MGFCG & BYB has conducted Governance Training and Strategic planning advisory services and workshops with many (300+) Board and Management teams over the past two decades.


The consulting disciplines include; Strategic Planning, Business Performance, Mergers & Acquisition strategy & implementation, Corporate Governance and Advisory Board development, NED Selection.
Max holds a Bachelors Degree (Flinders Uni. SA.) in Politics & Economics, an MBA (University of SA & Macquarie GSM). He holds a Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies (UNSW Law School) in Corporate Governance, Contracts and IP Law. He received the Macquarie University, Graduate School of Management “Brambles Management Prize” (1995), he attended Harvard Business School (Boston, MA) to specialise his studies in Service & Customer retention management. Professional Certificate in Arbitration & Mediation (Adelaide Uni.- Law School & IAMA) completed in 2012.


Max is a Lecturer at Kaplan Business School in the MBA topics of; 1) Governance Ethics & Sustainability, plus 2) People Culture & Contemporary Leadership. He has been a past Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (SA) and a Fellow Certified Practising Marketer (FCPM) with the Australian Institute of Marketing.

Max has held a number of Directorships, including Chairman on Not-for-Profit Boards.

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