Corporate Reporting

It is not what it used to be

"I am of an age when the board used to do annual reports consisting of the annual financial statements. There was a statement by me as chair and the board believed it was being accountable. Well, of course, it was not."

Professor Mervyn King SC explains his statement in the 6th Colloquium's Memorandum

Message from our Patron, Professor Mervyn King

Over the last three decades I have been privileged to chair the Eminent Persons Group at the United Nations on Governance and Oversight, the Global Reporting Initiative, the International Integrated Reporting Council (Value Reporting Foundation), the Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa and the King Committee on Corporate Governance. I have also sat on corporate governance advisory boards in the Far East and at the World Bank.

I record the above not out of self-praise but to indicate that because of my international appointments I have associations with universities and business schools abroad, in the USA, UK, Europe, Far East and Australia. It is that association which I have voluntarily given to the GGA to act as a catalyst to share governance and business science matters of extreme public interest on a collaborative basis.

Professor Mervyn King, Patron and Founder of the Good Governance Academy and Chairman Emeritus, together with Michael Bloomberg, of the Value Reporting Foundation

About Us

The Good Governance Academy is a non-profit organisation that collaborates globally to share information on critical governance, sustainability, integrated reporting and business science issues as a public good. A strong alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #17 (Collaboration) and SDG #4 (Quality Education) is intended.. The GGA fulfills this mandate with due consideration for, and to the benefit of, the triple context within which it operates: society, the economy and the natural environment.

Our topics of interest include


outcomes-based governance

Conscious corporate leadership

Value creation in a sustainable manner

Integrated thinking and integrated reporting

Our Community

The Good Governance community is growing  and currently free of charge

We keep current with global thought leadership and participate in global events. We are an inclusive community and our thirst for learning contributes positively to global good governance awareness and practice. Join the community – create an account with email registration and confirmation email.

Our activities

The Good Governance Academy holds two Colloquia a year so that the best of thought leadership is imparted from, and to, educators and corporate leaders for the benefit of future leaders, their organizations and the triple contexts within which they operate. A memorandum summarizing the colloquium is available after every colloquium. These memoranda also include thought leading articles from our sponsors.

Further information about past  colloquia can be found here.

The Good Governance Academy hosts many other events such as fireside chats with global thought leaders and practical workshops. Many of these events are held in collaboration with one or more of our support members


Further information about past events can be found here.

The Good Governance Academy provides a Book Shelf of recommended reading. These books available for purchase using the links provided. Additional free resources are available for community members on the community portal – free access is available.

To promote recent publications, the GGA hosts Book Lounge events with the book author(s). Past events are available for community members on the community portal – free to access.

The Good Governance Academy provides a Classroom of recommended training courses and programmes. These courses are available for purchase using the links provided. Additional free educational resources are available for community members on the community portal – free access is available.

To promote recent courses, the GGA hosts Showcase events with the training organization. Past events are available for community members on the community portal – free access is available.

This activity is overseen by the Good Governance Training Academy Steering Committee led by GGA non-executive director, Prof. Owen Skae. Click here to read more.

Research forum

The Good Governance Academy has launched an initiative to facilitate global collaboration on research in the areas of governance, corporate and integrated reporting and other critical business science issues. The Steering Committee for this initiative has been established under the leadership of GGA non-executive director, Prof Piet Naude.  If you would like to participate in this activity, please contact us.

Forum activities:

Life-long learning

Certificates of attendance are available for every GGA activity.

GGA certificates are used by most professional associations for Continuing Professional Development purposes. 

Go Govern (“Google Governance”) is the GGA’s secure  online API platform – our community portal – providing content which you can trust.

Go Govern contains all the videos and content from past colloquia, events, training Showcases, Book Lounge events and more.

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Our Sponsors

As a non-profit organization, we rely on your support to tackle today’s critical business issues.

Beyond improving governance, reporting and business science awareness and understanding globally, 

our reach and collaborations offer our sponsors tremendous value in return.

“I invite you to join me on the GGA journey. Together, we can attain the goal of having a global impact on sustainable enterprise value creation. Your support will provide your organisation with many collaboration occasions – imagine the opportunities with global thought leaders and the ability to shape our planet.”   Prof Mervyn King

Our Support Members

By collaborating with the Good Governance Academy, our support members ensure that their members and networks are kept current with global thought leadership and afforded  opportunities to engage with global experts on critical business issues.

We invite your organization to join our Support Member Network  and actively participate in the Good Governance journey.

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