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Corporate Reputation

Corporate reputation underpins the intrinsic critical value of obtaining a social license to operate.


The relationship between corporate reputation and a sustained competitive advantage is widely acknowledged. Corporate reputation impacts whether stakeholders will contract with organizations. A good corporate reputation can be an organization’s most valuable asset. A strong correlation exists between corporate reputation, organizational performance, and long-term sustainability.


Organizations have major impacts through their operations on society, and vice versa. They are increasingly identifying risks to achieving operational goals. These risks stem from their need for social acceptance; a social license to operate. Corporate reputation governance is a key aspect of reputation management to inform stakeholder perception and corporate citizenship.


This research forum will contribute towards best practices in the governance of corporate reputation, as a platform for sharing knowledge and developing a better understanding of the role of corporate reputation in the 4IR (Forth Industrial Revolution).

Webinar series 2024

We will explore the importance of corporate reputation as part of good governance, and how to navigate the challenge of corporate reputation in a digitally transformed global world.


We invite you to participate in research to create new knowledge about corporate reputation in everyday practice.

5 June 2024

Corporate reputation governance – who cares?

Not being reputable as seen by stakeholders can have immediate and long-lasting consequences, as a weak corporate reputation may affect the future actions of stakeholders towards an organisation or even an entire industry sector.


This webinar will explain the notion of corporate reputation governance, its importance, and the key role that stakeholders play.

20 August 2024

Managing corporate reputation – sending honest signals

Globally, organizations are fast adopting corporate reputation management in ways that can contribute to their ability to attract the support required from society.


This webinar will shed light on the rationale and methods behind current best practices of reputation management.

1 October 2024

Digitalised corporate reputation – leveraging eReputation

Digital and social technologies amplify stakeholder scrutiny, making it more difficult for organizations to manage their corporate reputations across borders.


We need a deeper understanding of how digital transformation influences corporate reputation and how to manage online reputations. This webinar will discuss the implications of e-Reputation for practice.

Dr Lindie Grebe

Senior Lecturer, College of Accounting Sciences, University of South Africa

Dr Grebe is a chartered accountant and senior lecturer at the University of South Africa (Unisa). 


She teaches postgraduate accounting sciences through blended learning using technology in distance education, and through face-to-face study schools throughout South Africa. During her employment at Unisa, she also acted as Coordinator: Master’s and Doctoral Degrees for the College of Accounting Sciences (CAS), chairperson of the research ethics committee and chairperson of the Gauteng North Region of the Southern African Accounting Association (SAAA). 


Before joining Unisa as academic, she gained ten years’ experience in audit practice and in commerce.