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1st Colloquium: Value creation in a sustainable manner


This first colloquium invited speakers to discuss matters of importance for the creation of organizational value in a sustainable manner.

Prof. Nick McGuigan explained how Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, is teaching aspirant business persons how to think differently because, as he put it, “we don’t even know the nature of the jobs in the future because of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Prof. Guler Aras of the Yildz Technical University, Turkey, exposed participants to her knowledge of the working of the global capital markets and her experience from having served on the board of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, which is a parent stock exchange of some twenty other stock exchanges in the Middle East.


  • Nick McGuigan The evolution of teaching accountancy and business administration students
  • Brian Chicksen Embedding the Sustainable Development Goals into Strategy
  • Athol Williams What companies/leadership should focus on in order to make sure they deal with value creation
  • Shobna Persadh Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan
  • Guler Aras Why a sustainable value creation story is necessary for companies in the capital markets of the world
  • James Forson Value creation through stakeholder management
  • Pieter Du Toit The world’s first zero-solid waste smart eco-industrial park


Facilitator: Prof. Mervyn King – Patron of The Good Governance Academy


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