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Giving you time back

We empower you as a leader to enable your organization’s sustainability and value generation over the long-term:

  • Obtain help and guidance to design and report on your governance and sustainability
  • Develop professionally so you will know how to either do this yourself or oversee others that do
  • Assess where you are and know where you need to go



15,000 +

attending events, receiving certificates of attendance

5 million

support member reach

We are a global community driven by the shared belief that good governance leads to a improved performance. We come together as a community to be informed, engaged, and equipped to be better leaders. We are inspired to make a difference in our organizations, for our organizations and for our world.

Giving you access to:

What kind of community member are you?


Prospectors keep current with global thought leadership but don’t have the resources to actively participate in the community. As an inclusive community, prospectors are invited to access the GGA content and participate in free global events. Prospector’s thirst for learning contributes positively to global good governance awareness and practice. Prospectors can pay to attend the annual Conference.

Free access with limited participation


Participants seek to learn more or keep current with good governance principles and practices, corporate reporting and integrated reporting trends or critical business science issues. They engage and participate in community events. 

Our participant community brings together diverse backgrounds of culture, perspectives, ideas and expertise. A subscription fee applies. 


Fully participating community subscriber


Practitioners actively practice in the GGA scope areas. All seek to share their knowledge and insights, and engage with others. Practitioners contribute their relevant and globally applicable perspectives, experiences and insights. Practitioner contributions are reviewed and carry the approval of the GGA. 

Once practitioners have earned credibility in the community they can apply for accreditation. 


Participating and contributing subscriber

Wits Business School, 2 St Davids Pl, St Andrew Rd, Parktown, 

Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa

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